Lake Winnie Fishing Report for May 17, 2012

Hello, from Big Winnie!

This opener rates as one of the best all around. Fishing was incredible, as was the weather. Early risers were back at the dock at 9AM with there limits of fish. Most walleyes were caught with shiners and jigs. Fishing depths varied with the ares that were fished. Walleyes are going strong all around the lake right now. It's a great time to be fishing Winnibigoshish! Shallow fish in the 6 to 9 foot range (when the wind blew), backing out to the 10 to 14 foot range in the calmer water. The wind played a large part in determining the depths where hungry fish could be found. Seems you get a good early bite and a break till afternoon then they kick in again till dark.

Perch are going strong, also, but deeper in the 10 to 14 foot range. Several larger females were caught as they are well after the perch spawn.

The water temps are in the mid to upper fifty degree range.

Area panfishing is also kicking in. Crappies are going in the new weeds (starting to come up) near spawning sites.

Pike action is best out in the deeper water, also. Some of the bigger pike were caught by walleye fisherman trolling crankbaits.

See you on the water!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Opening Fishing Preparation for May 9, 2012

Hello, from Big Winnie!

Another summer fishing season is upon us already. Walleye fishing opens this Saturday. Should be a good opener as our water temps are in the mid fifty degree range. Look shallower, for the males, in the 6 to 12 foot range with jigs and shiner minnows. The females have had a little time to recover and should also be in a great eating mood. Look a bit deeper, in the 10 to 20 foot range. Rigs and shiners or leeches should turn some of these fish this coming weekend.

Area smaller lakes have had some crappie action going already, which is always fun. If you get your walleyes and are looking for something different, give the crappies some attention for some great action.

May is one of the very best months to see great walleye fishing on Lake Winnie. If you haven't fished this lake in May, it's definately worth it to have this experience.

We still have cabin and motel room space available in May and June. Give us a call if you are interested in booking.

See you on the lake! Happy Mothers' Day!

Pat Rooney

Denny's Resort

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for March 21, 2012

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The ice season is done. We now have open water out 300 yards with the ice sheet moving and moving quickly. The fishing ended with a nice warm stretch of weather. The perch also were very cooperative during that warm stretch. Rainey is open, so may have to go catch a walleye with the long rods. I will keep you posted. Enjoy this spring weather!

See you on the lake - in a boat, of course.

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for March 14, 2012

Hello, from Big Winnie!

What a change in a week?!? We now have to access with ATVs. As of today, the lake is "ok" to fish and we have some areas giving up fish pretty well. On the West side of the lake, shore-drops from 5 to 11 feet are rather good. East side of the lake, the Moxey shore-drop from 13 to 18 is producing fish. At the South side of the lake, the stumps are going well in 13 to 18 foot depths. The North end has the humps North of Third River Bar working ok for fishermen. Bowans Flats has some fish going well, shallow, in 5 to 9 feet of water.

Tullibee are going strong in the mud south and north of the saddle area up the east side in 30 to 40 foot of water.

Warm temps continue in our area so check in with the resorts you access for up to the minute ice conditions.

See you on the lake. Spring is rapidly on its way!

It's a great time to be checking with us for cabin and motel unit availability for the summer months. We still have openings during the great fishing months of May and June! For you avid ice fishermen and women that have not visited in May or June, we strongly recommend a visit.

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for March 8, 2012

Hello, from Big Winnie.

The perch bite is continuing to go good around the lake. We have had good luck on some of the humps north of Third River Bar in the 21 to 25 foot range. Deeper, and you get into some tullibee. They are fun to catch and very good to eat when smoked. The Tamarac Bay area is still producing in the 10 to 14 foot range. East side Saddle area south to the stumps is going pretty well in 15 to 22 feet. West side has fish in the river mouths, 5 to 11 feet of water, or out to the Sugar Island and up to Ravens Rocks. We have a good bite going early in the day, daybreak till 2 is the best time period. A short window is also good from from 4 till dark.

The weather has been warm. Many are fishing outside and running big lines (rows of several holes) of holes has been the ticket. Snow cover has come down a bit. We still have 5 to 8 inches, yet. Some travel off road is ok in less drifted areas. We have a warm week ahead forecasted, so call ahead to get the an up to the minute report on lake conditions.

See you on the lake.

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for February 29, 2012

The perch bite remains strong! If you haven't made it to Lake Winnie this winter, now is a great time to get up here. Lots of great perch fishing and the weather makes perch fishing quite enjoyable to be outdoors and on the ice. This weekend is expected to be very nice. The Raven Rocks, at about 13 to 18 feet, have been good in the morning till early afternoon for great perch fishing. The Sugar Bar, far east and south to the flat on the backside of Center bar, is also a great hot spot and worthy of a trip up this weekend. Fish this area in 12 to 24 feet. There are some good perch now showing up in the Stumps on the south side. The Moses and Snag area are going well for good perch size and numbers. Tamarack Bay has some fish going also. It is now the best time to perch fish as they are on a VERY SOLID bite all around the lake. Best baits are smaller rattle spoons in glow pink, blue, or red with a minnow head.

Tulipee have been caught off the Mud Hole and in the deep water off the humps east of High Banks. They are found from 30 to 40 foot of water up 5 to 15 feet off bottom.

The Sunnie and Crappie bite is a bit spotty this week. Look to Big Cutfoot, Little Ball Club or Six Mile for some panfish action. Sleds or wheelers the way to travel on some of the smaller lakes.

The lake is in good shape as of now, with about 10 inches of snow cover. Check into the area resorts or bait shops for up to the minute lake conditions.

See you on the lake!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for February 22, 2012

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The perch bite picked right back up and is quite good again. Look for good perch action along the West side at Snag Hole from the top at 13 feet down to 25 feet. Also, you can find hungry perch within the same depths on River Bar and the back side of Center Bar, west and north to Raven Rocks. Move a bit until you find them drilling a few holes and being proactive about it. The perch won't be too hard to find. The best perch baits right now are small buckshot rattle spoons with a minnow head or a whole minnow on smaller glow jigs. This setup works great when we have some cloud cover and the sun is blocked. The East side also has some perch going strong on Moxey Hole up thru the Saddle.

The walleye bite is still spotty, but look to the bar drops and shore drops near the tops, from 13 to 18 feet and the best activity has been during the twilight hours.

The Northern Pike bite is still good with fish being caught regularly on tip-ups, roughly 3 to 5 feet off the bottom with larger suckers.

Smaller lakes in the area are really starting to give up some sunnies and crappies. But the greatest activity for panfish is also during the twilight hours. Teardrops and a waxey is working the best.

See you on the lake!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for February 15, 2012

Hello, from Big Winnie.

The perch bite has gotten "spotty." You can still find good perch by moving greater distances and drilling more holes. One day we are doing good in 6 feet of water, the next day perch are found only in the mud in 32 feet. They are eating well with minnows being the ticket. Try the North Humps down thru the Mud Hole. Some shore drops to try are Moxeys Hole and Snag Hole. Both the Mississippi and Third river mouths have perch moving thru, but the bite window is shorter but more frequent throughout out the day.

The walleye bite is fair with more larger fish being caught. Way up the shore breaks to 13 feet on top of Long Bar up to 12 feet and a few humps northwest of the Third River Bar.

The pike bite remains very good with most humps and shore drops working from 14 to 24 feet with tip ups and sucker minnows set from 3 to 6 feet off bottom. The ice is in good shape, very little snow and travel is good.

See you on the ice.

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for February 8, 2012

Hello, from Big Winnie.

The Perch bite remains super HOT with good numbers of ten inch fish being caught. The shore drops are still the best from Snag Hole around the south shore thru the stumps, thru Moxey's Hole up thru the Saddle. The best depths for perch have been 24 to 30 feet up to 3 feet off the bottom. Some main lake bars also producing good perch numbers as well. Moses, Sugar and the south end of Horseshoe down to 33 feet of water are good. There are perch above the smaller fish, so spend time by fishing 1 to 3 feet above those smaller ones to get bigger fish out of the schools. The west side of Raven Rocks out to the North Bar area is also having perch schools moving around. Generally the perch bite is going well around the lake.

Walleyes are a bit spotty right now. we have had some good shallow action in ten feet and also some humps north and west of Third River Bar going at times, but the bite window is shorter than usual. Twilight hours are the best for walleyes.

Travel on the ice is good with 2 to 5 inches of hard pack snow at most entry areas.

Baits still working well and worthy of your tackle box are are Jigging spoon rattles tipped with a minnow head for walleyes and smaller glow jigs or gold jigs for the perch, tipped with small minnows.

Pike fishing is very good now for good numbers of fish. Set tip ups in the upper portions of the structure, 3 to 5 feet off the bottom with large suckers. 20 to 30 flags a day are quite common in the last week.

Look to the the smaller lakes around the area as the Sunnies and Crappies are starting to get active, twilight has been the best time to catch the panfish. Small Bro bugs and a waxies are working well.

See you on the lake!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for February 1, 2012

The Big Winnie perch bite is really great right now! Several areas around the lake are going strong with terrific perch action. Shore drops down in the 26 to 34 foot range is the ticket. The Moxey Drop, Stump Line, Snag Drop and West side drop around the Sugar area are all HOT now. Really hot! Humps up north are also going well, but perch are moving in and out of the humps. Be on the move, regularly, to find and catch those fish.

The walleye bite is good in the main lake bars. Bena Bar from Big Musky out to the Bend, Horseshoe and Sugar Bar are all good. Fish the top third from 23 feet up to 15 feet. Rattle spoons are still working well with a minnow head. Glow colors have been better as we have had cloud cover for quite for awhile.

The pike bite is going strong for the tip-up fisherman. 3 to 6 feet off bottom in the 15 to 23 foot range is working best.

Smaller area lakes are starting to put out some crappies and sunnies. Look to Six Mile, Little Ball Club , Big Ball Club for pretty good panfish action. Evenings, into dark, up till 9 PM seems to be the best window. Some sunnies are being caught during the daytime on those same lakes.

We have 20 to 24 inches of ice. Very little snow. The ice heaves have stayed put for the most part and are not moving as much as other years. As always check in with your resort access to get up to the minute reports on ice conditions to be safe.

Time to go fishing!

Pat Rooney

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