Lake Winnibigoshish Fishing Report for July 13, 2011

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The walleye bite has slowed a bit in recent days. Plenty of walleyes are being caught, but we are in a "several-bite-window" time of the year. The warmer waters have the walleyes biting three to six (or more) times a day for short periods of time. Rigging the hump drops and the main lake bar drops have been the best for walleye action. Crawlers or leeches, being the baits of choice, with leads out to 10 feet. Weed bite works only if there is a breeze.

Perch have also been going on the same structures, but you need to use minnows. You will get far more keeper perch using the minnows right now. Quit a few perch are possible in the 11-inch range.

Pike have been caught in the weeds, but look for the bigger fish deep off of the bars.

Sunnies are about done on the beds and crappies also are now in summer patterns of deeper weed lines. Best bite time is early or late in the day.

See you on the water!

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for July 1, 2011

Hello, from Big Winnie.

The walleye bite continues to be very good with limits being caught on the main lake bars. Best spots still include Bena from Big Musky and out. Moses Bar is getting hot, as is Horseshoe. Rigs, being the best option, tipped with crawlers or leeches should be used to get plenty of walleye action. The north humps are also doing well, with the same presentation. The weed bite is good if there is plenty of wind.

The perch bite is also going well in the same spots, but tip jigs or rigs with minnows work best to get the attention of the perch.

Pike are doing ok. The weed beds are all up and looking good now.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

Lake Winnibigoshish Fishing Report for June 29, 2011

Hello, from Lake Winnibigoshish.

The walleye bite is still very good right now. It's a great time for a visit. The bar bite is hot, hot, hot! Bena bar from Big Musky north through Long bar is excellent and producing many walleyes. Horseshoe and Snag have been going well also for good numbers of eater walleyes. You can get "weed fish" yet, but they are spread out now. Rigs or spinners tipped with leeches or crawlers have been the best presentation to be using for walleyes. Plenty of fish to eat or take pictures of. Just come on up and you'll find the fish! The north humps are starting to go strong also, with a few monster perch mixed in. These perch have been HUGE!! They are so much fun to catch!

The pike bite is getting better, troll bigger cranks outside of the weeds in 8 to 12 feet of water. Pike fishing later in the day has been better than other times in the day. We have seen several pike caught in the 8 lb. range.

Crappies and Sunnies have been caught in the deeper weeds in Cutfoot, Portage and Ball Club lakes, evenings being the best.

Time to go fishing! Come on up! You won't regret it!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for June 16, 2011

Hello, from fantastic Lake Winnie!

The walleye bite has been very good this week and worth the trip up this weekend. You can fish deep or shallow, now, and catch plenty of walleyes to eat and there's a good chance you will catch some very nice "picture fish." The main lake bars are getting hot, hot, hot! Bena from The Big Bend south through Big Musky is very good. Rigs and crawlers or leeches are working well from 16 to 26 feet of water. Horseshoe, Moses and Sugar are all producing walleyes using the same program. The "humps," up north, have been spotty this week, however. The weed bite is still good with jigs and minnows or leeches.

You'll find that the pike will move in move from 5 to 6 feet and then out to 8 to 10 feet, as the day wears on.

Perch have been mixed in with a fair amount over 10 inches in length - no quite jumbos but pretty good at fish fry.

The water temps are still in the mid to upper 60 degree range. Weeds are up 2 to 4 feet tall, now.

Panfishing has been good, also, with crappies being plentiful early and later in the day. Sugar Lake, Big and Little Cutfoot are producing great panfish. Little Ball Club and Portage Lakes also worth a try for great panfishing. A small minnow or small grubs are the best baits for panfish right now.

It's a perfect time to come up to Lake Winnie and get into some great fishing. You won't regret it. See you on the lake!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for June 9, 2011

Fishing on Winnie is very good right now! You can easily find walleyes in the new weed beds with jigs and a minnow.

The main lake bars including Bena and Moses are good places to start. Sugar is also a great place to find hungry walleyes. Rigs and leeches working the best on the bars.

The North humps are stating to produce fish, also. So, really, you have several locations and fishing styles that will work and it would be a good idea to spend some time doing each.

The perch bite has become a bit spotty. The humps have been producing the best.

You can catch several northern pike right now; however, they will be smaller in size than normal.

The water temps are in the mid 60 degree range. Sunnies and crappies are biting well on some smaller lakes in the area. Early and later in the afternoons have been best for panfish on these neighboring lakes. Try Little Cutfoot, Portage and BallClub.

See you on the water!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for June 2, 2011

The walleye bite is going quite well on Lake Winnie right now. The weeds are starting to come up. The shallow bite is best with jigs and a shiner minnow. You can get them in 4 to 8 feet of water. Make sure to play the wind. The main lake bars are also starting to go pretty well for walleyes. Sugar, Moxey's, and Horseshoe are going strong with plain hooks and leeches.

The perch bite is also going strong right now. Outside the weed beds has been best for good numbers of and good sized perch.

Pike have been caught as usual this time of the year. The water temp is in the upper 50 degree range. Lots of wind lately. The weather is settling down toward a summer pattern.

See you on the lake!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for May 24, 2011

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The fishing opener on Lake Winnie has now come and gone. Fishing was pretty good even though the weather wasn't cooperating with us. Early in the morning, the shiner jig bite went as usual (which is very good) in the 6-12 foot depth range. Then, as the day wore on, you could rig and run in deeper water down to 25 feet and do quite well. The bite slowed a bit on Monday and Tuesday into the early part of the following week. Certainly, the walleye bite has gotten much better again lately.

The North shore from Farley Creek to Mallard Point is a great stretch to try right now. The first shore drops are going quite well now, also. Snag Hole, Moxey's Drop and the Sugar area all going well, too.

Panfish (sunfish and crappies) will start biting very good with just a couple of consistently good days of warm temps. Perch are being caught with the walleyes in the deeper water.

See you on the lake!

Pat Rooney

P.S. We have several openings in our cabins throughout June. Please let us know if there's a week or weekend when you would like to visit and get into some great spring walleye fishing.

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for February 21, 2011

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The big lake has gotten very good for travel this last weekend with the recent colder weather. ATVs can go anywhere. Pick-ups with 4wd can travel across 90 percent of the lake.

The perch bite is doing well, also, as sunlight is getting through the ice and has gotten them more active. Mornings till about 2 pm have been best.

Get in on the last week of Walleyes and Northern Pike, they are both going on the main lake humps and shore drops on the top down to about 21 feet. Twilight, early and late, has been best. Pick-up Perch colored large 1/4 oz Northland Moxey minnows. Tip with a minnow head and work them aggressively about 1 to 3 feet off bottom. I have also, during the evenings, seen and caught many walleyes 5 to 8 feet down from the surface just before the prime time bite. I do not think these fish drop down that far. They must be different schools feeding very high. I've been seeing this quite often during the last two weeks.

Get out and get a last Walleye supper this week.

See you on the ice!

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for February 17, 2011

Hello, from Big Winnie!

We have had a melt down. The snow is almost all gone. Temps are dropping further in the last few days. Some road beds have water in them. We are making new paths outside of the old roads. With a bot of a cool down expected for this weekend, we expect the roads to be good through this weekend. The fishing has been ok with the perch bite picking up. I think more light getting through the ice has helped improve the perch fishing. The morning bite has been good from 9 till about 1 pm. 20 to 30 feet of water is still the best. Several main lake bars and humps are working well.

Walleye action is ok, too, with the best bite being the twilight period in 12 to 20 feet of water.

Pike are still going strong on bigger shiners or suckers set on tip-ups just 3 feet off the bottom. 12 to 18 feet best bet.

Area panfish lakes are starting to get froze back up. They should also be better for travel soon by this weekend.

See you on the ice!

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for February 10, 2011

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The ice roads have gotten a little better as of today. We have roads out to the East Humps. The travel is good to that location. The West side has a good road to Sugar Bay. As always, things change day by day, so check in with resorts you stay at for up-to-the-minute road reports.

Fishing has been quite good. Northern pike are doing well lately. Tip-ups set 3 feet up from the bottom in 15 to 20 feet of water has been the ticket. Several fish over 35 inches have been caught in the last week.

Walleyes are hitting early and late in the same areas at twilight. Jigging spoons and a minnow head are working well.

Perch are on the spotty side. Some days the deep bite at 28 to 35 feet is better. On sunny days, the 18 to 25 foot range is better. Make sure to set the line with small minnows and plain hooks. This has been the best way to get the perch to be aggressive.

See you on the ice!

Pat Rooney

P.S. We have increased the number of fishing shacks we rent and we have added several sleeper ice shacks to our fleet this year. We have some availability for ice house rentals in February. Please call to inquire and we can put you on the schedule.

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