Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for February 10, 2011

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The ice roads have gotten a little better as of today. We have roads out to the East Humps. The travel is good to that location. The West side has a good road to Sugar Bay. As always, things change day by day, so check in with resorts you stay at for up-to-the-minute road reports.

Fishing has been quite good. Northern pike are doing well lately. Tip-ups set 3 feet up from the bottom in 15 to 20 feet of water has been the ticket. Several fish over 35 inches have been caught in the last week.

Walleyes are hitting early and late in the same areas at twilight. Jigging spoons and a minnow head are working well.

Perch are on the spotty side. Some days the deep bite at 28 to 35 feet is better. On sunny days, the 18 to 25 foot range is better. Make sure to set the line with small minnows and plain hooks. This has been the best way to get the perch to be aggressive.

See you on the ice!

Pat Rooney

P.S. We have increased the number of fishing shacks we rent and we have added several sleeper ice shacks to our fleet this year. We have some availability for ice house rentals in February. Please call to inquire and we can put you on the schedule.

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for January 28, 2011

Hello, from snowy Lake Winnibigoshish!

Fishing is good and we have a strong perch bite occurring in several deeper spots on the main lake bar drops in 23 to 30 feet of water. You can get these perch with glow jigs and fatheads. Also, Bowen's Flats is a pretty hot area, if you like shallow water fishing. The perch are being caught in 6 to 12 feet of water out there. You will have to sort a lot more though to find the really nice perch. You'll catch 40 perch to find 15 nice keeper perch.

The walleye bite still is best in the evening from 3 PM to 7 PM. Spoons and minnow heads are working well for the walleyes. 12 to 20 feet of water seems to be the best areas to be for good walleye fishing.

Travel is ok on the ice roads, although there is some slush in spots. The lake, in other spots, has refroze. Try not to crowd as this creates too much weight and then the ice floods pretty quickly. So, keep your group spread out more than usual.

Call ahead to a resort or bait shop for up-to-the-minute reports on lake conditions.

See you on the ice!

Pat Rooney

P.S. Remember to email me your ice fishing pictures so that I can post them for others enjoyment on our Web site.

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for January 18, 2011

Hello, from the Snowy Lake Winnie.

The perch bite has been fair with fish being caught on sunny days being the best for good fishing. The shore drop and some of the main lake bars are going well, from 20 to 30 feet of water.

Walleye have been active at twilight times - an hour before to an hour after sun-up or sun- down. Bigger jigging spoons like Buck shot rattle spoons and - this year - the Northland Moxie Minnow (in perch coloration) have been deadly with a minnow head. Tops of the bars up to 13 feet and also back up the shore drops to 11 feet have been ok.

Travel is another story. We have plenty of snow. Travel on plowed roads only unless you have a snow machine. Some slushy areas are out there. If quite a few people fish a small area, some flooding will happen. You just have to spread it out a bit more than usual. Ice thickness is 16 to 21 inches in the main lake. The river mouths are thinner with 9 to 11 inches found.

Check in with the resorts or bait shops for up to minute conditions.

See you on the lake!

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

P.S. You can easily request reservations from our Web site by clicking on this page of our Web site:

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for December 27, 2010

Hello, from Big Winnibigoshish!

The ice conditions are ok at this time. We are at 14 to 16 inches, with 6 to 10 inches of snow. Travel has been ok, off the road. We have a small road out from the resort. Fishing has been ok.

Perch bite, lately, has been good, during sunny days in 20 to 30 foot range. Small glow jigs working well, forage minnows in green glow or some gold have been good.

Walleyes on the other have have been off and on, some evenings you can not shake 'em off, most times it is a 40 minute bite window. If you are ready for them, it can be good. Bigger jigging spoons and a minnow have working well. Northland Tackle has come out with a new spoon, "The Fish Fry Minnow" jig, with lifelike color. The big 1/4 oz job in perch or glow perch has been tough to beat. I have used it for a while,as the detail to the forage color caught my eye and thankfully the walleyes eyes. Most of the walleyes we have cleaned have perch in them. Work those spoons in 15 to 19 feet off of the shore drop or the breaks off of the main lake bars at dusk.

Pike fishing has picked up. We have have some tip-up guys and gals that are bringing in pike in the 6 to 10 lb range. Shore drops working best for them in 12 to 18 feet of water. As always, talk to the local bait shops or a resort were you plan to access the lake, for up to the minute ice conditions.

Be safe out there. See you on the ice!

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

P.S. We have cabin rentals available, motel unit rentals available and ice fishing sleeper shacks that have not yet been spoken for during several weekend or weekday windows. The fishing has been hot!



Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for December 14, 2010

Hello, from Big Winnie!

We are getting some good ice going as we have been cold up here in beautiful Bena, Minnesota. Most areas are 7 to 10 inches thick. Some spots on the Mississippi River are at about 5 to 6 inches. The lake ice development is progressing well. Ice fishing for the season has begun.

We are out on sleds and atvs and portables. Starting to bring out some of the lighter shacks. The fish are going also, perch in the 20 to 30 foot range has been best.

Walleye are going in shallows, evenings, up to 5 feet of water. Bar drops and Humps up north are going at 19 to 23 feet. Check in with an area bait shop or Denny's Resort before you go out. See you on the lake.

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

P.S. We have additional 4-season cabins for rent, our motel rooms and we are adding even more ice fishing sleeper shacks to inventory. Make sure to call early for reservations.


Lake Winnie Fishing & Hunting Report for October 7, 2010

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The walleye bite continues to be excellent. The walleyes are biting shallow in 3 to 6 feet of water with jigs and minnows. Moving fairly fast, cover water with a firetiger fireball and fathead and hang on, the walleyes are aggressive.

Pike and perch will also be caught in the same area. Numbers of keepers coming in with some 23 to 25 inch fish to boot. Little Stoney Point, Big Stoney Point and Ravens Point are all good spots to try.

Water temps in the mid fifty degree range.

The woods have grouse hunters and deer hunters scouting their spots. Grouse have been ok with several hunters reporting 10-12 flushes a day. Leaves have come down so the grouse hunting should continue to get better.

See you on the water or in the woods!

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for August 30, 2010

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The bite is still very hot!! Walleyes are in the weeds in 5 to 8 feet and being caught on jigs and minnows or jigs and 2 inches of nightcrawler. The bar bite is also going good on Sugar, the North end of Moses and The Bena Bar, from the Big Bend out to Third River Bar. Rigs and leeches have been working the best in 13 to 25 feet of water.

The perch bite is hot on all rock areas, now, shallow or deep. Really hot! Jigs and fatheads are working the best. Pike fishing has improved, with numbers being caught off the humps and bar edges on big cranks or the weed lines with trolled spoons. Get in on some pre-fall fishing now. This should last well into October.

This is also a good time to come up and do some scouting for deer hunting. It's best to clear shooting lanes when you can still see the leaves. We're always happy to help anyone with what hunting areas they should try for deer, grouse, ducks, etc.

See you on the water!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Summer Fishing Report for July 29, 2010

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The fishing has been very good! You can catch fish a variety of ways. You can troll smaller crankbaits over the weeds and just outside of them. Perch colored and gold black baits have been the best. You can rig the humps and main lake bars with crawlers and leeches. The best depths are 16 to 25 feet. You can weed-fish with jigs and minnows. Moving fast at 1 to 1.5mph. You can bottom bounce with spinners and crawlers in the 8 to 14 foot area in that in-between zone again fast 1 to 1.7 mph. Or lastly, throw out a slip bobber and a leech and relax until you have to net a fish. Pick the way you like to fish and go get them.

Perch bite has been getting better as the fish are starting to group up. Some deeper fish on the humps have been going well down to 30 foot. Jigs and minnows the best for larger fish.

Pike bite is ok with plenty of fish on the bar drops up high 12 to 16 feet or in the weeds. Numbers of fish but size is sort of small. Catch 7 or 8 and you will put a good one in. So a lot of bites! The Raven point area, Moses bar and Horseshoe have all been good this week.

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for July 22, 2010

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The Walleye bite is as HOT as the weather! Really HOT! The deep structure is going well using rigs tipped with crawlers and leeches. Depths of 19 to 30 feet have been best. The main lake bars are also going well. Top of the bars 14 down to 25 feet rigs again the best choice. If you would like to jig go to the weeds west side or east side. 5 to 8 feet of water the best.

Theperch bite has been better as of late with the deeper edges of the weeds being best with fireball jigs and fathead minnows.

Pike bite has been pretty goood with numbers coming in while fishermen are trolling Husky Jerks over weed tops out to ten feet.

Water temps are in the mid 70 range right now. Truly, the fishing is excellent! We have a few cabin openings and motel rooms available for last-minute trips to Lake Winnie.

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for July 7, 2010

The walleye are in typical summer patterns now. There are some fish found in weedlines, humps and main lake bar structures, as all are active, but with several shorter bite windows through out the day. The windier days are being a bit better to fishermen and women. The best weed areas have been the east side from the Rock north to the Reclaim area in 5 to 8 feet of water. The west side from Ravens Point to Mallard Point and Sugar Island around to the bird houses East to Little Stoney. The North shore weeds have been good also in 7 to 12 feet of water, just out deeper. The main lake bars are best played with the wind blowing into or along the drops. 15 to 28 feet best. Leeches and crawlers are the best baits right now. Trollers are getting some fish on smaller cranks trolled down to 18 feet.

Perch are getting very active on the rocks down to 23 feet.

Pike have picked up quite a bit lately! Trolling spoons and larger cranks are the ticket. High Banks area North to the Sisters have been good. The weeds from Pigeon to Big Stoney are also good for pike. Several in the 7 to 9 lb. range have been caught.

Area panfish waters are hot now for Sunnies. Most are off their beds and fished deeper 8 down to 14 feet during the day. Crappies are active at twilight periods.

See you on the water!

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

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