Lake Winnie Fishing Report for June 24, 2010

The fishing has been very good this summer on Lake Winnie. The Humps north of Long and Third River Bar are hot! Good numbers of fish - a few big fish and many eater-sized fish are all being caught on plain hook snells, 4 to 8 feet, with a crawler or a leech. Depths from the tops in 15 to 16 down to 30 feet are productive.

The main lake bars are going good right now with movements of fish cresting the tops when very active. Start at 18 to 23 feet deep and then move up, but they mostly crest the tops and spread out. You can rig or jig the edges well with crawlers and leeches. When the fish go (on top) smaller crank baits work well. Troll them flat so you get depths of 5 to 10 feet down. HANG ON!!

The weed bite is very good also with the windier weed beds being the most active. Northland shiner jigs with a shiner or a small sucker minnow are working the best. Perch bite has been getting better as well with most fish caught off of the bar drops down to 30 foot. Jigs and fathead minnows work well. If you want to chase panfish, the crappies are going on Cutfoot in the coontail beds in 6 to 14 foot, Ball Club in the weed edges 7 to 10 feet. Early and late in the day is best. The sunnies are going well in Big and Little Cutfoot, as well as Sucker Lake. Mostly coontail edges or the last few that are still on beds. With bedding fish, remember to put some back for next year.

Pike fishing is improving with several being caught in the 8 lb. range. The pike are eating good as tulabee is their primary food source on this lake. Jerk bait the various cabbage beds or troll Husky Jerks, or bigger spoons, just outside of the weed edges.

Time to go fishing, see you on the water!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for June 11, 2010

The bite on Lake Winnie has continued to be excellent in both the weeds and ond the main lake bar drops. Rigging is best for the deeper main lake bars and humps. The best depths are 16 to 24 feet. Humps north of Third River Bar has been a good place to hit. The Bena Bar from the Big Bend south is starting to go very strong. Sugar Bar is very good right now. The weed areas that have wind blowing across them become very successful fishing targets.

The perch bite has been good as of late, also. Deep off the bars in 22 to 30 foot have been best. 10 to 11-inch fish are very common.

Trollers are gettin a mixed bag of pike and walleyes on smaller husky jerks or tail dancers in the early evening.

See you on the water.

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Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for June 6, 2010

Hello, from Big Winnie!

The walleyes are going really good right now in the weed lines, in 5 to 8 feet of water. Jigs and shiner minnows have been the ticket. Keep your boat moving rather fast 0.8 to 1.5 mph. The Bar and Hump walleye bite is also going well for the bigger walleyes and you will find them in 18 to 28 feet of water. Rigs and shiners or leeches have been working well all week.

The perch fishing has improved somewhat in the weed beds in the 7 to 8 foot depths.

The pike bite is not bad, but quite a number of 22 to 25 inch fish are being boated right now. There's not a lot of activity from the big pike.

The water is on the clear side with visibility down to 9 feet in spots. The best fishing has been with the wind. Calm days go in to the deeper water.

Panfish, in smaller lakes like Sucker, Ball club, Big and Little Cutfoot, have been good early and late in the day. Outside the deeper weeds has been best for the good panfish.

Water temps on Lake Winnie are at 67 to 69 degrees.

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See you on the lake!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for May 28, 2010

Hello, from Big Winnie.

The bite is getting very good!! Walleyes can be had from 4 feet of water all the way out to the main lake bars and humps. Weeds are the ticket for shallow fish. East side from Duck Pass to the Reclaim is very good. Bird Houses on the west side, Sugar Island, Ravens Point and Stoney Point are all good. Dug Outs have been very good, also. Play the wind, the walleyes are going in several spots. Main lake bars are also kicking out some nice fish. 15 to 22 feet rigging.

Pike have become active, also, with numbers of fish from 5 to 8 lbs being common.

The perch bite is ok at this time. The crappie spawn is over, so look to the early late periods of the day to get some of them. Sunnies are just starting to bed.

See you on the lake!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Fishing Report for May 21, 2010

Hello, from big Winnie!

The fishing season has finally arrived. The walleye fishing has started with a bang! Opener fishing was spread around the lake with several areas being productive. The High Banks area was hot in 11 to 22 feet of water. The Moxey Drop on the East side went very well in the same depth range. The West side, Sugar point up through Ravens Point and Mallard Point, was also very good. Jigs or rigs with shiners and, in some cases, leeches and crawlers worked when the bite slowed on minnows. This week has been nearly the same, but the main lake bar fishing has started in some areas. Snag Hole and the front side of Bena from Big Musky South is ok.

Water temps are warming fast - 63 to 67 degrees now.

The pan fishing has also been good. The smaller lakes nearby have been good for crappies and some pre-spawn sunnies. Perch bite has also been very good with 10 to 11 inch perch being a very common size found.

Remember, when you leave the lake drain your live wells and you will help to leave the snails here. Weeds are starting to grow now and soon will be up and changing the fishing patterns.

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See you on the water!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for March 12, 2010

Hello, from Big Winnie!

It has been warm and comfortable to go fishing. The snow is gone and most of the water has gone down. Travel on the ice, as of now, is good. Check in at a resort for up to date conditions.

Perch are biting on the shore drops, now, with depths of 12 to 20 foot being best, as well as the rocks off Ravens Point.

Tullibee are biting well, also. If you like smoked fish, go to the mud in 40 foot and use waxworms. If you find a Saddle area, fish for the tullibee on the East side of the saddle.

For perch, start to fish for them in the 12 to 20 foot range and then move deeper.

Sunnies are going on Pimushe, Sucker Lake and in Big Cutfoot. 20 to 30 deep is working best, just before dark.

Crappies are also going on the same lakes, but deeper, usually down to 35 feet. Minnows or waxworms are working best.

Truck travel should be safe for about a week yet, then wheelers for another week. Call ahead for conditions as they can change quickly at this time of year.

See you on the water!

Pat Rooney

Lake Winnie Perch Fishing Report for March 5, 2010

Hello, from Big Winnie and Denny's Resort!

The pike and Walleye seasons closed with a bang this year - many nice fish taken in the last two weeks of the season. Perch are the primary target now. You can look for them on the deep side of the humps in 23 to 35 feet of water. Humps on the northwest side of the lake are best right now. Some shoreline drops are holding good numbers of perch between 19 and 30 feet deep, but you have to sort through several fish to find good-sized fish. Look for perch to make some shallow moves up to 10 to 15 feet of water soon.

Travel is good on the lake as of now. Weather has been good. Crappies and sunnies are starting to go strong on Portage Lake and Sucker Lake. Cutfoot is still doing very well for panfish.

See you on the lake!

Pat Roony, Denny's Resort

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Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for February 21, 2010

Hello, from Big Winnie.

The weather has been as good as the fishing has been this weekend. The perch bite continues to be excellent on the main lake bars. The perch are running deeper, though - 29 to 40 feet is the most common depths to find them. Minnows and glow jigs are still working. The rocks off Ravens are going well for perch, as is the Moxey drop and the Saddle on the east side.

Pike are active also. The tip-up guys are getting fish in the 30 to 38-inch class in between 14 to 20 feet of water and fishing about 2 feet up from the bottom.

Walleyes are spotty with short bite windows. Most areas up in the humps North of Third River Bar has a few getting caught right at dark. The main lake bars such as Moses, Bena, Big, Little Musky and Horseshoe are producing a few walleyes and their beoing found on top of the bars.

Tullibees have started biting rather well over the mud areas between Third River Bar and the Saddle, also. They are fun to catch, plus take a few home and smoke them.

Road conditions good. Snow cover has not changed much.

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

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Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for February 18, 2010

Hello, from sunny Lake Winnie!

The perch bite continues to be pretty good, but they are on the move. The deeper, bug-eating fish are biting just fine but you have to sort through them to get good-sized fish. Drill holes till you find the bigger ones and when you get a good school, fish  2 to 3 feet up from the bottom for the bigger fish. The larger fish will come up from the bottom to get food more so than the pesky little guys. Glow-jigs and fatheads are certainly the best bait to be using for perch right now. The fish found along the shoreline are also going well, but some bigger moves. The base of the drop along the shoreline, at 23 to 24 feet, is producing fish during the day, then they are going on top, in the evening, with the walleyes.

Walleyes are very spotty as the walleye season nears the close. Some fish are still being caught off some of the humps North of Bena Bar and Westerly. The shore drops are a little better, but short-lived in the evening. Buckshots in gold, lately, has worked with a minnow head.

Pike fishing is VERY hot right now! Shore drops East and West from 19 feet up to 14 feet has been excellent. Tip-ups set at 1 to 3 feet off the bottom are working well with plenty of fish being caught from 5 to 9 lbs.

Snow depth is about the same - 7 to 8 inches - but the wind has improved off-road travel into several spots.

In Cutfoot, crappies are going strong in 23 to 38 feet of water. Some sunnies are mixed in and being caught, as well. Boy Lake is starting to give up some sunnies in 12 to 20 feet of water. Make sure to head to the North side of the lake.

See you on the ice!

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Lake Winnibigoshish Ice Fishing Report for February 13, 2010

Big Winnie is still producing many limits of perch. Deeper water seems to be working better than anything. On the East side of Moxey's, cover the drop up to the Saddle in 30 to 35 feet of water with fatheads and glow jigs. It's still better to call 'em in with the big buckshot rattle spoons. Main lake bars such as Moses, Horseshoe and Bena Bar are working well, also, in depths from 28 to 35 feet.

Some walleyes are being caught deep and are hanging together with the perch. Best bet for walleyes, right now, is from 4 to 8 PM on top of the humps North of the Third River bar or on the top edge at Moxey's in 14 to 18 feet of water. Jigging spoons tipped with a minnow head are by far the best bait for walleyes.

The pike bite has been going well for the "flag chasers." Bigger suckers from 6 to 9 inches are working well and placed three feet up from the bottom on the upper parts of the structure. Best depths for pike are 13 to 18 feet of water.

Sunnies are still going strong in Cutfoot, west of the narrows. 26 feet of water is working best for sunfish.

The ice on Lake Winnie is in good shape. Travel is ok off-road in several areas. Check in with the resort for the latest details before you head out. The snow cover on the lake is about 6 to 8 inches.

Time to go fishing; see you on the ice!

Pat Rooney, Denny's Resort

P.S. Please remember to email us any great photos of fish you caught while fishing Lake Winnie. We love to post them on our Web site.

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