Lake Winnie Fishing Report for June 24, 2010

The fishing has been very good this summer on Lake Winnie. The Humps north of Long and Third River Bar are hot! Good numbers of fish - a few big fish and many eater-sized fish are all being caught on plain hook snells, 4 to 8 feet, with a crawler or a leech. Depths from the tops in 15 to 16 down to 30 feet are productive.

The main lake bars are going good right now with movements of fish cresting the tops when very active. Start at 18 to 23 feet deep and then move up, but they mostly crest the tops and spread out. You can rig or jig the edges well with crawlers and leeches. When the fish go (on top) smaller crank baits work well. Troll them flat so you get depths of 5 to 10 feet down. HANG ON!!

The weed bite is very good also with the windier weed beds being the most active. Northland shiner jigs with a shiner or a small sucker minnow are working the best. Perch bite has been getting better as well with most fish caught off of the bar drops down to 30 foot. Jigs and fathead minnows work well. If you want to chase panfish, the crappies are going on Cutfoot in the coontail beds in 6 to 14 foot, Ball Club in the weed edges 7 to 10 feet. Early and late in the day is best. The sunnies are going well in Big and Little Cutfoot, as well as Sucker Lake. Mostly coontail edges or the last few that are still on beds. With bedding fish, remember to put some back for next year.

Pike fishing is improving with several being caught in the 8 lb. range. The pike are eating good as tulabee is their primary food source on this lake. Jerk bait the various cabbage beds or troll Husky Jerks, or bigger spoons, just outside of the weed edges.

Time to go fishing, see you on the water!

Pat Rooney

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