Lake Winnie Fishing Report for June 7, 2012

Summer temps have raised the water temps up into the upper 60 degree range. This kicks-up the activity within the whole food chain. Walleyes are very active during several periods throughout the day. It's best to bring a variety of baits out with you. Shiners and/or leeches, on spinners, have been good on the flats. Look for walleyes from 10 to 23 feet of water. Plain hook rigs with leeches and crawlers are also working, once a pod of fish have been located. Play the wind! Very important in walleye fishing. Wind blowing along the bar drops is good. Bena Bar from the bend south is okay right now. Moses and Sugar have some good walleye activity. Moxey's, North to the Saddle has some walleye activity. The Humps West and North of Center Bar are also putting out some fish. During this time of the year, with current conditions, move a round a bit and be versatile with your presentations. Flexibility will make all the difference in your walleye fishing success. Again, play that wind.

Pike are active in the deeper water right now. There are good numbers of fish but they are not very large. These pike are great for pickling.

Perch have been very, very good! The 10 to 20 foot depth has been most consistent for those chasing perch. There has been some shallow perch activity in Tamarack and the Stoney Point area and are being found as shallow as 3 to 5 feet at times. The conditions are perfect to really get into good perch numbers and decent size fish.

See you on the water!

Pat Rooney

P.S. If you like pickled herring, but have never tried pickled pike, come on up and we can share some recipes. It's really good stuff!

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