Lake Winnie Fishing Report for July 30, 2014

Hello, from Big Winnie! Fishing on the "big pond" is a bit challenging for walleye these last few days. There is plenty of food for the fish and that certainly plays into the challenge. Numbers of mayfly larvae have have gone back down to the bottom in the mud and sand. Perch fry abound! Walleyes can still be caught with some work, though. Look to the main lake bar drops from 20 to 40 feet of water. Pull spinners and crawlers or leeches till you find a pod of walleys, then stop and rig them.

Seems as though the fish that are being caught are deeper than usual, possibly due to the location of the food sources. Hump fishing can be good, but the fish are not hanging around long. The bottoms of the hump are better then the tops. "Weed fish" and shallower "rocks fish" will bite well only in the wind and rain.

Water temps are in the low 70 degree range right now. With the food available to these fish, expect short bite windows. Several will occur a day, but are brief.

Perch fishing on the other hand is very good right now! Good numbers of 10 to 11 inch perch are being caught. Look to the first shore drops. Snag Hole area through the Bird Houses, Mosey Hole, Bena Bar, and several humps north of Third River Bar are all producing well. Look to 18 to 30 feet of water. Drift along till the right size fish is caught, then you can sit on the school for a bit. Slowing down, move along again till the next pod is found. Jigs and fathead minnows are the best options.

Pike fishing is starting to pick up for numbers and size. Lots of 20 to 24 inchers out there. Take some, they make for fine table fare. Trolling spoons or larger crankbaits are the best way to put them in the boat. Look to the deeper weed edges in the 10 to 14 foot range.

Sunfish and crappie are active early and late in the day. Look to Cutfoot lakes (Big and Little), Little BallClub, Lower Sucker and Portage Lake. The shoredrops with Coontail beds going down to 5 or 6 feet have been the best. 1/16th or 1/32nd oz. jigs with two-inch twister tails in yellow or white have been the best. Move along, without a cork, with the 16th jig. When you hit a fish, stop and throw out the 32nd oz. with a cork and take a few from the same area. Most are done spawning now.

See you on the lake!

Pat Rooney

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