Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for January 21, 2015

Hello, from Big Winnie! Ice conditions are very good at this time - 25-28 inches and very little snow. Vehicle traffic is good everywhere. Fish are cooperating, also.

Pike are on a rampage right now! Numbers of fish from 22 to 30 inches on tip-ups and sucker minnows or jig with large jigging spoons and a minnow head.

Walleye are "on and off" depending on the first or second day of a front coming through. Then, the bite gets good again. Look to the top sections of the main lake bars and humps. Long and Center Bar, and Snag Hole shore drop are good. 15 feet down to 22 feet of water. Plain hook minnows next to an attractor of some sort, whether a spoon and minnow head or a jigging rap to bring them in.

Perch are setting up in two areas now. Shallow minnow eaters, from the first shore drops. Look to 4 to 11 feet of water for these fish. Drill plenty of holes and "sight fish" them. The deeper fish are eating bugs. Look to the main lake bar drops for these fish. 25 to 35feet of water is where these fish are located. Smaller minnows on glow jigs or, if the sun ever pops out, use gold.

We do have a couple of areas to stay away from: heaves on the west side and north of Tamarac Point to toward the gap. Just check into the resort you are going out from for the areas to stay away from.

Pat Rooney

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