Lake Winnie Fishing Report for July 29, 2016

Big Winnie fishing is HEATING UP, as are the temperatures! We're really seeing some great walleye fishing right now and are guests are really enjoying the action! Walleyes can be had with a variety of trolling presentations. Spinners and crawlers, or leeches, are working on the main lake bars, from the edges in 20 feet up to the tops in 12 feet of water. Bottom bouncers will keep you off the bottom and out of the snails - they can certainly be a pain. The next option to help you get into the walleyes is smaller crankbaits, running 5 to 10 feet down on the shore-drops just outside of the weed beds. Look for 10 to 12 feet of water and go - this is a blast!!

Perch are doing ok with the best bite (for good sized perch) is to look for them off of the main lake bars in 20 to 35 feet of water. They are there, but deeper than you might expect.

Pike are still CRAZY with good fish numbers in the weed beds from 6 to 10 feet of water. You can really catch all the pike you want - tons of fun! We see a lot of kids catch their very first pike this summer on this lake.

The crappie bite is a bit slow. The sunfish bite, though, is good all around, later in the day into evening. Look for good sunfish fishing just outside coontail beds, with a bobber and a small leech or pieces of worms.

Time to go fishing and then cool off with a swim in the lake!! It's a great summer and we hope to see you up here soon!

Pat Rooney


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