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Walleye bite on the big lake is spotty. Look to deeper structures during the day. Main lake bars and humps. Rig them with crawlers or leeches. Work the tops in 15 feet down to the basin. 35 feet. More consistent action is happening late evening well into dark. Fish are making moves on top of most shore and main lake structures. Trolling small crank baits is a good method to search the fish out. Once you have a pod found throw a slip bobber and a leech to them.

Perch bite is slowly getting better. Smaller schools are being found off bar drops in 23 to 30 feet of water. Small minnows on a jig dropped straight down is the best way to put some of these fish in your boat.

Pike action is still very good. Big minnows in the weeds, or weed line trolling with large crank baits is working. Water temps in the mid 70 degree range now. Some algae blooms are getting started. Water is starting to get a tint to it. See you on the lake. Pat.

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