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Hello from big Winnie. We are sitting 10 to 11 inches of ice. Snow cover of about six inches. Lake is is good shape as of now. Normal setting up with some cracks to deal with.. Check into the resort you want access from for a report on were to go. Fishing is getting under way now. Portables and wheelers or sleds the way to travel.

Plenty of Walleye being caught , mostly the two year old fish. 11 to 12 inchers. Some bigger fish mixing in with them toward evening. Plain hook minnow under a bobber is working well. Water is stained . Visibility is about 8 feet in the main lake.

Perch are running on the shallower side as of now. look to 8 to 12 feet for larger fish. You can sort through to keep a dinner.

Pike are active around the lake. Larger minnows with get them . Time to go fishing .

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