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Winnie walleye fishing is good now. Walleye are transitioned toward summer patterns. They are now biting through out the day with several shorter bite windows. Cover water. Fish are on most of the main lake structure's .Fish the bars from 15 to 25 feet. You can jig a leech or a minnow. You can rig a leech or a crawler. Water temps are getting close to 70. Spinners will be a good way to search for pods of fish to slow down and fish.

Weed lines are just getting started. Look to the 7 to 12 foot areas off the shore line to set up. You can troll spinners over weeds to bag some shallower fish.

Perch are mainly still deeper eating bugs. When the weeds are up they will move in. Fish them with a jig and smaller minnow. They are willing biters.

Sunnies and crappies are setting up on weed edges on most of our smaller lakes around us. Small jigs and plastics, or a small leech or worm under a bobber works well. Look to Big or Little cutfoot, Little Ball club lake, Portage lake , or Six Mile lake. Water temps in those lakes are a head of Winnie. The weed lines in those lakes are already set up. Early and later in the day have been best.

See you on the lake Pat


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