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Summertime At Denny's Resort


We have four year-round cabins near to and facing the lake and six more year-round cabins facing our protected harbor. Cabins have running water, bathrooms (additional bathrooms and showers are at lodge), kitchens (with utensils and cookware) and comfortable beds. Cabins have satellite television and air conditioning.

You will want to pack your own towels and wash clothes as we do not provided these items with the cabin rentals.


RV Camping & Hookups

We have several spaces available for guests to bring their RVs and hook them up for the weekend, for the week or for the whole season.

Ice Shanty Camping

Some of our ice fishing guests will store their ice fishing houses at the resort during the summer months and use them like simple cabins. Electrical hook-ups can be made available to those guests as well.

Protected Harbor

Winnie is a big lake and sometimes she blows pretty good out there. Our resort offers the largest protected harbor on the lake. The harbor has several docks for docking boats and can be a great place for children to fish throughout

much of the summer. They love it and often do very well!

At our harbor, we offer boat launching and slips. Our concrete boat launch is sloped perfectly to aid in a quick and comfortable launch of your boat.


Fishing Launches (Charters)

We run two boat launches throughout the summer months. Launches are arranged by appointment only and a deposit is required. We run half-day and full-day launches and require a 4-person minimum for any launch.

Private Guide Service

We can help you arrange for a private guide throughout the summer and fall. Guides are arranged by appointment only and a deposit is required. We run half-day and full-day guided trips and there is a 3-person maximum for any guided trip.


The lodge offers a full bar, limited food (frozen pizzas) and groceries, fishing tackle and a game room.

Bait & Fish Cleaning

Our bait house and fish cleaning house are one in the same and it is located next to the lodge. We offer shiners, fatheads, suckers, leeches and nightcrawlers. Be sure to ask about our bait availability when you book your stay with us.

You can clean your own fish or we'll do it for you. If we clean your fish, we charge $0.50 for perch, $1.00 for walleyes and $2.00 for northern pike. We'll even help bag and freeze your fish for you.

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