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Great Winter Fishing on Lake Winnie

Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing

Walleye fishing is best on Lake Winnie from mid-December through mid-January. However, walleyes can be caught through the ice to the end of the season in February. Be sure to check for Pat's Fishing Report on this Web site to learn what tactics have been working and find out where the fish are biting. Lake Winnibigoshish has a slot limit of 18 inches to 23 inches (where one fish can be kept over 23 inches). Despite an aggressive slot limit, our ice fishermen often catch enough fish to have a nice fish fry.


There are some tips and tricks surrounding winter walleyes that deserve your attention. When you arrive at Denny's Resort, be sure to spend a few minutes with the staff to ask a few questions about what techniques are working (which seems to be more important than colors, size of bait, etc.).


Perch Fishing

There are few things in life that beat perch fishing on Lake Winnie in the winter. They bite readily all day long and jumbo perch of 12 inches are fairly common. As long as you get a few tips from Denny's Resort staff, you'll find perch. You may have to move a few times to find the larger ones.


Northern Pike Fishing

Lake Winnie is an outstanding pike lake throughout the winter months. Although the fish rarely exceed 15 pounds, if you're after them, you can find plenty of five to ten-pound fish. Be sure to bring at least one tip-up with you and a few sucker minnows as the winter pike in this lake are excellent eating.

Area Lakes (near to Lake Winnie)

There are several lakes nearby if Lake Winnie is not producing for you. We would recommend the following: Cutfoot Sioux Lake (walleyes, crappies, sunfish), Six Mile Lake (very remote, crappies, walleye) and Portage Lake (crappies, sunfish, walleyes, pike).

Area Rivers (near to Lake Winnie)

Although portions of the Mississippi River are open throughout the winter nearest to the Winnibigoshish Dam, it is not safe or easy to fish. Most other river locations are too dangerous to attempt fishing during the Winter as the ice will generally be too thin for walking.

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