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Winter At Denny's Resort

Special Note

Denny's Resort is the only resort on Lake Winnie that allows ice fishermen to bring their own skid shacks out onto the lake. We will even let you store them on our property during the summer months. It is our highest priority to be the most accommodating resort on the entire lake and to meet the unique needs/requests of every guest.


We have nine year-round cabins facing Lake Winnie. Cabins have running water, bathrooms (additional bathrooms and showers are at the lodge), kitchens (with utensils and cookware) and comfortable beds. All cabins have electric/gas heat and satellite television.

You will want to pack your own towels and wash clothes as we do not provide these items with the cabin rentals.



We have six comfortable motel units - each with two double beds, a shower, refrigerator, satellite television and electric heat. The motel is located nearest to the highway and not on the lake. When checking into the motel, you'll check in at the main lodge, just like you would for the cabins.

We will provide towels and washcloths to those that rent motel rooms.

Ice House Rentals

We have "day shack" fish houses for rent by the day or "sleeper shacks" by the week or by the weekend. In "sleeper" ice fishing shacks, there are comfortable bunks and you can fish or sleep comfortably all night long. We have many options depending on your preferences and/or willingness to have some adventure and sleep on the big lake. Night fishing has been terrific on Lake Winnie during this recent season. Some of our ice fishermen will swear by the evening bite.


The lodge offers a full bar, limited food (frozen pizzas) and groceries, ice fishing tackle and a game room.

Bait & Fish Cleaning

Our bait house and fish cleaning house are one in the same and is located next to the lodge. We offer shiners, fatheads, suckers, and waxworms. Be sure to ask about our bait availability when you book your stay with us.

You can clean your own fish or we'll do it for you. If we clean your fish, we charge $0.50 for perch, $1.00 for walleyes and $2.00 for northern pike. We'll even help bag and freeze your fish for you.

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