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Hello from Big Winnie.

With the spring winds and rain hopefully settling down we can have some stable weather .

Walleye action is great around the lake. Look to shore drops from 10 foot out to the main breaks. Shiner minnows are in spawn, the are beach runners. Walleye will be close to the spot tail pods of bait. Running jigs and spots is hard to beat now. When the bite window closes a bit run a rig and spot tail and slow down for some extra bites. Size of fish are running from 13 inches to 16 for most keepers. Plenty of fish in the slot and enough fish over the 23 inch range to make your day. Water levels are high . We are about eight to ten inches above normal spring levels.

Perch bite is getting better as they are done with there spawn. Look to rocky areas in 4 to 10 feet of water. Jig and minnow will put them in the boat. Weed beds are not up yet so look for the in schools swimming along the shore. Back of of them and cast to them you can grab a meal quickly.

Pike are aggressive now . Sinners are getting them while you fish walleyes. You can also troll bigger crankbaits in 12 to 20 feet of water to bag them.

Time to go fishing , see you on the water. Pat


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