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Hello from Lake Winnie.

Walleye action fairley consistent in the evenings. Four pm till six ,six thirty has been the best time frame. Active fish have been hitting a buck shot rattle spoon well tipped with a minnow head. When they are not active the buck shot will call them in then let them take a whole live minnow under a bobber right next to the spoon. Set up two hole for this close to each other. Look to depths of 19 to 24 feet

Perch fishing on sunny days have been good. Look to the 20 to 25 foot range. Smaller spoons with a minnow head works well. Touch the bottom and stir up the silt a bit gets them moving. Cloudy days are tougher you need to pin minnows just off bottom and let them sit. You will get a few fish though.

We are starting to get some decent bluegills and crappies in some of thje smaller lake saround winnie. Look to big an little cutfoot, Portage and little ball cleb are all putting some fish on the ice. Tungsten jigs and a waxey is the way to get these fish. Early or later in the day is best.

Go on the lake through a resort to get direction on where you travel safely. Iceconditions still very quite a bit for this time of the year. 12 to 18 inches is the norm form lake to lake. Atvs and side by sides is the best travel option. See you on the lake. Pat


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