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Hello from Big Winnie. Water is finally warming up. We are sitting 64 degrees. With that said we are now getting a few bug hatches. Mostly midges. Walleye are biting well at this time. Some fish have moved deeper to chase down these bugs. Shore drops on top still produce early and later in the day. During the midday they are moving to the drops from 16 down to 28 feet. Minnows, crawlers and leeches are now coming into play. Plenty of 14 inch fish on up. You can jig or rig as of now. I have been running spinners not quite onto that bite yet. With the warming water it will be here soon.

Perch are down deeper now as they are keying in on the bugs. look to the walleye spots then fish them a touch deeper with jigs and smaller minnows. Weed beds are starting to get going. Some spot they are up a foot. When the weeds are up perch will move back in.

Pike fishing is best now off the main lake bar edges. Most of our structures top of between 15 and 19 feet. Run cranks down to that area , then troll off the edges into the deep. They are suspending off the edges about the same depth as the structure tops.

Sunnies and crappies are moving in ,

on some lakes to spawn. Other smaller lakes they are on the home stretch.Best times are earlier in the morning till noon.

Time to go fishing . Pat.


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