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Lake Winni Fishing Report for August 31, 2017

Hello, from Big Winni! Fishing is really changing on the big pond right now, so am hoping this fishing report is helpful. Look to fish walleye later in the day till after dark. Crank bait trolling has been good on the west side of the lake from Ravens to Mallard in 12 to 18 feet of water. As dark approaches, the bite gets very good. At the south side, you can troll similar depths but do so over the weed tops. The humps north of Bena Bar also have good walleye numbers on them. Troll the depth of the hump tops around 18 to 20 feet and run a hump line, going from hump to hump. Walleye are being caught at the same depths as the humps, but in the open water between the humps. The other way that is very effective is to locate "pods" of baitfish, then drop a leech or crawler on a bobber, in or near to those baitfish. Doing so after dark has been the best. Daytime fishing, you can catch plenty of good size perch and northern pike. Still plenty of fish to be had - especially pike.

Clearer water has just changed the time-of-day you'll need to fish to find good numbers of walleyes.

See you on the lake!

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