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Big Winnie is heating up. Walleye are in summer patterns now. Water temps in the upper 70 degree range several bug hatches and weed growth finally getting underway the bite is going . Presentation is the question mark each day. Rigged leeches have turned fish on the bar edges. Trolling spinners and crawlers and leeches over the weed tops in the 9 to 15 foot range is putting fish in the boat. Pitching jigs and minnows to the rocks is putting fish in the boat also. You fisherman that want to get out of the sun troll cranks in the 6 to 12 foot range outside the weeds at dark. Summer means active fish with several shorter bite windows. You also need the complete assortment of baits with you.

Perch action is moving back toward the weed beds. They were solely eating bugs. The hatches have been going on for a while now. perch are making there way back to deeper rocks and weed beds. Jig and minnow will put them in the boat.

Pike action is good around the lake. Bigger fish are eating bigger baits. Spoons trolled over the weeds or big cranks over the weeds getting them .

Keep your distance and respect others on the lake. Stay safe , time to go fishing. Pat.

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