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Hello from Big Winnie. We have finally have gotten through rough ice. We again froze up on a big wind. South shore out to the main drop , 30 feet of water is sitting at 19 inches of ice. Its rough but can easily travel across it. Running north on bena bar through big and little musky, the bend , eel pout, long bar up to third river bar is sitting 12 inches. That sheet of ice froze up last it is smoother clear ice. We have little snow on the lake . Wheelers and sleds can travel anywhere. From the south shore going easterly then north towards moxey hole the rougher ice is 16 to 19 inches. WE are letting half ton trucks and wheel houses out in that area only as of now. Shortly with mother natures cooperation we will be out farther .

Fishing has started out great Walleye fishing is good . Numbers of fish being caught. Sorting through the smaller fish to keep 14 inchers has not been a problem. We have an algae bloom darkening the water. This is moving the fish shallower than usual. 10 to 14 foot has been good. Fat heads and glow jigs working well. Best bite daytime.

Perch fishing is good. Fish them a bit deeper. 15 to 15 feet of water . Fat heads and bright jigs working well. Thing to remember you will graph fish way up from bottom with the darker water. These fish are a lot of times perch not tullibe. We have caught perch 8 to 12 feet off bottom. No different from open water, with good light penetration fish rise with the bait chasing algae up . Sorting to keep 10 inchers is common.

Pike are crazy . Run bigger minnows at least three feet off bottom. Again morning early afternoon bite window the best.

Remember early ice travel slow , check ice in front of you ,have a buddy with you . Be safe. Check into any area resort that is open for ice conditions around there areas. Time to catch a fish Pat.


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