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Hello from Winnie.

The Walleye opener was the best open on Winnie in a long time Weather was great and the fish decided to eat.

Walleye action has been good . Jig and minnow is all that is needed now. Fish most shore drops from 10 to 18 feet. Play the wind. Water temps still on the cool side. Mid to upper 50 degree range as of now. Fish are active . Move along till the school is found circle back and fish through them. You can sort thru and keep fish on 14 inches and up.. It is common now to be able to boat 80 to 100 walleye a day. We have several good year classes coming through the system.

Perch action has been good also. You can catch them with the walleye using smaller minnows. Check just a foot or two deeper to get into more perch .

Weeds are not up very good yet . Some warmer days will bring them on

Have a good Memorial Day. Stay safe Time to go fishing Pat.


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