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lake winnie fishing report

Big Winnie is heating up along with the air temps. Water is approaching mid to upper sixty degree range. The Walleye are moving out on the main lake bars. The humps north of Bena bar are also starting to go .Look to the 15 to 23 foot range. Baits are now the tricky part. They want minnows sometimes other times a leech or a crawler. You need to stock the boat with all baits. Move along quickly till you find a pod the circle back and work them. Plenty of fish to be had. Save them on 14 inches . On top of the structures in 12 to 17 feet are where the larger fish are hanging out.

Perch bite is goin also but deeper. The same main lake bar drops are going from 20 to 30 foot. They are eating bugs and crawfish. Jigs and smaller minnows is the way to go. Graph an area till you see balls of fish on or near bottom. Fish those balls .

Pike are getting very active all around the lake. weed beds are not up yet . The deeper structure off the bars is putting pike in the boat. Use lager minnows or troll large crank baits off the bar edges.

See you on the water Pat.


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