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Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for January 2, 2013

The fishing on Winnie has been very good this week. Walleye fishing continues to be strong. The shore drops from 12 to 18 feet are where most walleyes are found. The main lake bars and humps, also are good, with the 14 to 18 foot range being a good place to focus. Jigging spoons and minnow heads are the best tools to get the walleyes' attention. Walleye have been active from 1 pm till dark.

If we get sunny days, the perch bite well. On the cludy days, not as well. The west side perch bite is from 8 to 12 feet deep. The main lake perch bite is 18 to 25 feet. Small minnows or waxies have been the main tool used to put good perch on the ice.

Pike are still crazy! Tip-up fisherman have been catching good pike in the same locations where the perch are biting. Set your tip-ups 3 feet off the bottom with 4 to 6 inch suckers or big shiners. Make sure to bring your tip-ups.

Ice conditions are generally good. Most ice is 13 to 15 inches. Very little snow cover has helped make good ice this season. As always, the ice moves around a bit, creating heaves and such. You will need to check in with the resort you are going out of to verify safest travel paths and heave locations. The south end has a crack east to west from about Duck Pass to Little Stoney. Then, the Highbanks area out from north humps toward mallard point. The west side crack as of now has healed and there is a safe crossing. At the river, Tamarac Bay has been good for travel with 12 inches of ice. Highbanks has a road out three miles to the north humps and travel is safe. Beckers and McArdles are running out by the River Bar. Dixon Lake is going out of Third River. Denny's and Nodak Lodge has roads out to Horseshoe and Bena Bar. Tamarac has a road throughout the bay. Again check in with the resort you are going out of to be sure of safety.

The fishing is getting good! See you on the ice!


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