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Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for December 15, 2017

Hello, from Big Winni! The ice development is progressing well. It has been cold and we are seeing 10 to 12 inches in an area from the south shore, north toward the Bena Bar, then east to The Rock.

Perch fishing has been good in 8 to 15 feet of water, from the shore drop. Fathead minnows and orange jigs have been working from 10 am till 2 pm.

Walleye have been caught on the last drop. 15 feet down to about 25 feet. Thee last hour of daylight, with whole minnows and a plain hook are working well.

Pike have been biting well during the day, as well. Very little snow on the lake at this time. Several areas on the lake froze-up at different times and so thicknesses and ice quality will vary greatly. You can not just run around the lake, without a working knowledge of which areas are safe. Check in with a resort to get up-to-the-minute conditions. Four-wheelers and sleds are the only safe travel options right now.

See you on the ice!

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