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Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report for March 3, 2018

Lake Winnie Fishing Report

Hello, from Big Winni! We have gotten some big snow in recent weeks, now a warm-up is underway and snow depths are coming back down a bit. We have roads out to the saddle off Highbanks. We have a rock solid perch bite going on Moxey drop from 20 out to 30 feet of water. On sunny days, the perch fishing goes good, on cloudy days it slows up. Minnows and orange jigs has been the best presentation.

"Pout" can be had in the deeper water with big spoons and a minnow, banged into the bottom, then raised up a foot.

Soon, perch will start to make shore-ward moves, ahead of pre-spawn. Panfish starting to get active on area lakes. Look to Big or Little Cutfoot. Portage is another lake nearby with good crappie fishing. Evenings has been the best for panfish. Check into a resort you would access for travel. Most roads are open again!

If you have sleds, that is the best way to travel during this time.

See you on the ice!

Pat Rooney

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