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Lake Winnie Fishing Report June 27th 2018

Lake Winnie walleye remains good. The main lake bars are all producing fish. The best bites occur with the wind blowing into the drops or along the drops. Fish plain hook rigs tipped with crawlers or leeches. Tops of the structures at 15 feet down to 30 feet has been very good. Some of the tops of the bars have good weed growth. These bars trolling spinners tipped with leeches or crawlers is the better way to go. Baits will ride just at the weed tops. The hump area of the lake north and west of Third river bar are still producing well also. The same methods work well.

Northern Pike have been very active. Troll big crank baits along any weed edges. Speed should be 2 to 4 mph. The northern slot of 22 to 26 inch put back and a ten fish bag leaves plenty of fish to make the dinner table.

Perch have been spotty with most fish being caught deeper off the main lake drops. Jigs and fathead minnow working well.

Area smaller lakes , Portage, Bowstring , Six mile have been giving up very good sunfish early and late in the day. Look to weed edges in 8 to 12 feet of water. Small jigs and crawler pieces the way to go.

Time to go fishing Pat.

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