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Walleye action has been changing a bit. Fish are moving deeper off the main lake structures. Start at the tops of the bars in 15 to 20 feet and work to the basin. 30 to 35 feet has been good. Spinners or rigs fished deep still the best way to put fish in the boat. Tip the rigs with crawlers or leeches. The evening bite is good 8 pm long into dark trolling small crank baits over the bar tops. Troll from 12 foot to the edge in 18 feet. We are starting to see this year class of fish , about 6 inches long. Nice to see the little guys. Hump fishing is working out the same way. Fish the sides into the basin.

Perch are still going well on the west side. Work from Sugar north to Big Stoney point. Jigs and fatheads worked from 12 to 20 foot of water will get them. Plenty of fish above nine inches.

Pike are really active now in the deeper weeds. Most bar tops now have weed beds in the 12 to 15 foot range. Fish those with bigger baits. You can troll spoons and large cranks fast to cover water. Boat a few in an area then stop and pitch bigger jerk baits or spoons for large fish. This week saw several fish caught over 35 inches. Water temps have remained stable for several weeks .Low to mid 70 degree range. We will now start to see dropping temps as the days are getting shorter .

September fishing is around the corner. The best month to fish is here. See you on the water. Pat.

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