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Big Winnie walleye bite has been good this week. Cooler temps and shorter days have started to bring the water temps down . Upper sixty degree range is where we are at. Walleye can be had trolling spinners and crawlers or minnows on the main lake bar tops from the edge at 20 feet then moving up on top to the 14 foot range. In line weighted spinners with a 1/4 oz is plenty. Move along 1.2 to 2.0 mph. You can rig the depths off the edges of the bars or humps down to 35 feet and get them. Late evening crank bait trolling is getting hot right now. Fish the same areas over the bar tops with smaller cranks till well after dark.

Perch action going well in most of the weed areas around the lake. Shallower weed beds in the eight to 13 foot range best. Jigs and minnows the way to go.

Pike are on fire right now. Troll large dare devils over the weed tops. Fish from 24 to 35 inches common.

Crappie and sunfish action doing well also. Weed bed edges in the 6 to 10 foot range fished evenings are working well. Small jigs and twister tails for crappies the best. For sunfish tip those jigs with a piece of worm.

Time to go fishing. Pat.

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