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Hello from Big Winnie

We are getting into fall like patterns. Jig and minnow along weed edges in the 8 to 14 foot range is putting everything in the boat. Quarter oz jigs and fatheads moving along around 1 to 1.5 mph catching plenty of walleye. Later in the evenings until 11 pm those same areas trolling number five shad raps is very productive. Water temps going down through the mid 60 degree range now.

Perch action very good now in the same areas as the walleye. Sorting is the norm with plenty to be had over nine inches.

Pike fishing is good now for size and numbers. Many reports of 4 to 5 over thirty inches being caught in an outing. Trolling big crank baits the easiest way though. Pitching large stick baits to the weed edges is the ticket for big fish.

Sunfish and crappie doing good early and later in the day on most area lakes. Two inch twister tails and 16th oz jigs pitched to weed edges works well.

Time to get into some great fall fishing See you on the water. Pat

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