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Jig and minnow bite is on for Walleye now. Fish the edges of green weed beds. Most of the weed beds are still good about the 10 to 13 foot zone. Move along the edges till you get a bite then stay and work that section of weeds till the bites are done. Move along to the next spot and do the same. Plenty of eaters in with smaller fish , and the larger slots there to keep you busy also.

Perch action still very good with numbers being taken in the 4 to 8 foot range feeding on their own young of the year hatch. Jigs and minnows is the way to get them into the boat.

Pike still doing well in the same green weeds in the 10 to 13 foot zone. Bigger spoons or stick baits cast into the weeds the best method.

Fall fishing is underway . Get in the last couple of weeks of boat fishing . See you on the water. Pat.

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