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Hello from Big Winnie.

We are making ice slow and steady. Sitting at ten inches . We have been out to Big Musky and the island. The east side up to just shy of the reclaim. All at least ten inches.

Walleye bite is still going on late in the day. Be set up by 3pm and fish into dark. Dead stick minnows has been the best. The cloudy days have put them on a slower bite. Look for the forecast of sunshine to change that for the good. We have been a long period of clouds.

Perch action has been ok on shore drops from eight feet of water out to fifteen feet of water.

Small jigs and small minnows or fatheads broke in half has worked well. Size is a mixed bag but you can easily bag your twenty over nine inches.

Pike are hitting bigger minnows either suckers or golden shiners dead stick or on tip ups.

Most are being caught on the main shore drops twelve to fifteen feet of water.

Wheeler and snowmobile travel is the way to go about. Some rough spots of ice around the shore lines slow you down a bit. Check in with any resort you would like to access frm for ice conditions and travel. Time to go fishing. Pat.

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