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We are making ice on Winnie. Slow and steady. We are now 11 1/2 inches on the low end. Warmer temps have slowed ice making a bit.

Fishing is going on. Atv machines the way to go. Walleye bite starting to get more consistent , evenings from around 3 pm till 8 pm the best time. Dead stick bigger minnows 1 to 3 feet off bottom and wait them out. Look to the main lake bars for most of the action . Fish the tops in 14 feet down to around 23 feet. When the fish move to the top they will eat.

Perch action still better on the shore drops from 6 all the way out to 20 feet. They are making some long moves right now. Minnow pieces or small fats on a small jig working well. West side of the has been better .

Pike are biting well around the lake . Tip up and a sucker minnow fished 3 to 6 feet off bottom is all you need to do.

Ice conditions will improve , check into the resort you would like access from for current ice conditions. Pat.

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