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Merry Christmas from Big Winnie.

Walleye action still remains consistent. Main lake bars and some humps has been the best bet. Fish the top edges from 14 down to 20 feet. Glow jigs and minnows the best way to go . Cloudy days slower bite all day but not as aggressive. Sunny days look toward evening from 4 pm till well after dark. Less action on your jigs has been better.

Perch are very spotty. Same areas you get walleye perch come in and out. I think we need some extended periods of sun to get them going.

Pike are hitting well. Tip up fishing with larger baits has been the ticket . Fish your baits up 3 to 6 feet up from bottom. We have a algae bloom going on now. Spearing is tougher because of this. Water clarity is about 4 feet.

Ice is at 13 and a half on the bottom end. We are getting colder now. Look for the next week of cooler temps to gain a bit more ice. Travel still best on atvs. As always check into the resort you want access from for a ice road report. Time to go fishing Pat.

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