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Big Winnie perch bite is starting . Plenty of sunshine and clearing water i believe is helping. Look to the shore drops from 14 to 18 feet. Mornings till 3 pm. Main lake structures bars and humps they are running a bit deeper. Fish from the 18 foot down the slopes to 30 feet. Shiny jigs have been better. Gold is go to then silver . Start out with a whole minnow. When the bite gets going well pike will move in and scatter them. Sit tight a few minutes later the perch will be back. Sorting will get you your fish at nine inches and up.

Walleye action still good. Fish have moved deeper down the drops though. Colder weather has been the culprit . Same baits , glow colored jigs and shiners or small sucker minnows. Best times have been the low light periods. Day break till nine and again evenings till ten pm.

Pike have been on the prowl again this week. Several over 35 inches have been caught this week. Tip up fishing with bigger suckers will put them on the ice. Fish main lake structure on the tops from 18 feet of water in to 13 or 14 feet. Set up several feet off bottom. Time to go fishing Pat.

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