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Hello from Big Winnie Opener has finally arrived. We had ice out one week earlier then last year. Walleye were hungry. Fish around the lake were biting shiner minnows and a jig. Very simple presentation. Shore drops the best option. Early in the morning 4 to 6 feet of water was good as the daylight progressed you only had to move out to 8 to 12 feet. Water is stained around the lake . That makes for a good shallow bite. Today water is stained the same way. Fish shallow shore lines. Wind blowing along the shore or slightly into the shores are the best spots for the day. Fish were biting well on the north shore, west shore and the south shore. High banks they are out a bit deeper. 10 to 16 is where the are sitting. Shiners and a jig will put them in the boat.

Perch are spotty. They are near the rocks getting done with the spawn. Look for perch action to heat up quickly.

Pike are going good . They are taking your shiners while fishing walleye. Plenty of them to keep you busy.

Water temps range from 45 to 50 depending on the wind is blowing. The time is here to get a fish dinner. See you on the lake Pat.

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