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Walleye bite on Big Winnie is good especially when the wind blows a bit. Calm days you need to long line your presentation. Shiners and rigs or jigs the best option. Water is stained yet to about eight feet. Warming water temps are bringing crawlers and leeches into the mix soon. Upper fifty range now. Shore drops from eight top fifteen feet the best. Some bar fishing is being had from the shore drops out. Sugar, Bena to the Bend and Horshoe doing good. Find the shiner schools and you have the walleye schools.

Perch are doing well now. Shorelines in the five to ten foot areas are good with a fathead and jig. Numbers of fish at ten inches being caught.

Pike go crazy on the calmer days. Fish all the way to the upper thirty inch range being caught. Bigger minnows fished on the shore drops where the weeds are starting to grow is a good place to start.

Water temps this week will get closer to normal for this time of year. Hurrah spring is finally here. See you on the water. Pat.

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