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Walleye starting to get closer to summer patterns. Water is clearing up. Fish are on the main lake bars and humps. Look for the fish to be near the tops of the structure early and later in the day. 12 to 20 feet of water. During mid day look down as far as 30 feet. Wind and clouds prolong the bite on the top. Crawlers , leeches and minnows now need to be in the boat. Rigging leech or crawlers is getting the job done.Minnows at time works well and also gets you some bigger perch.Water temps in the mid 60 range.

Perch are now on the feed. Spawn is now over . Look to the shore line gravel areas. Some of the better weed lines also are holding perch. There is some perch on the main lake bars mostly on the tops that are feeding on schools of shiners.

Pike are still biting well. Fish the shore line weed beds with cranks trolled over the tops.

Time to go fishing

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