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Hello from Big Winnie.

The walleye are moving into summer patterns. Deeper water on the main lake structures is the ticket now. Rigs and spinners tipped with crawlers or leeches is working well. The fish are making bigger moves through out the day, with the tops in 15 to 20 feet good on wind or cloudy days. Clear sunny days look from 20 feet to the basin. Bug hatches are now going . Plenty of food means several shorter bite windows during the day. Early and late in the day better to fish in the sun. Night bite is heating up also. Walleye then make shallow moves in to the 8 to 12 foot range after dark.

Perch are now grouping up some. Look to the basin ares on the main lake bars. 28 to 35 feet is where they are hanging out. Jig and a fathead minnow is all you need to boat them. There is some weed perch going as well but they are a bit more spread out. Look to the west side and north side weeds as they are up farther. Sugar island around all the way to pigeon river. run 6 to 12 feet in those weed beds.

Pike fishing is all around the lake where there is a weed bed. Troll cranks or spoons in the 8 to 12 foot range and you will have plenty of fish. While walleye and perch fishing plenty of pike we also keep you busy. Se you on the water Pat.

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