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Summer patterns are getting set up for walleyes. Fly hatches are in full swing. Presentations that are smaller are working now. Half crawlers on slow death hooks or smaller spinners are working over the weed tops. Look to 10 to 15 feet of water and fish in the wind. Bar and hump fishing is tough now. The fish are there one day and not the next. Rigging Crawlers or leeches is best. Depths vary from the top edge at 15 feet to the basin.

Perch are schooling up some now. Deep areas at the basin close to the humps or bars with bait stringing out from the structure edge. Most of the bait is at 15 to 20 feet , but the perch are below the pods. Jigs and d small minnows works well. There is some perch in the weed beds. They are hanging tight to the cover. You have to go in and get them.

Pike are still crazy around the lake. Trolling faster and covering water at or just out side of the weed lines is best. Larger crank baits in perch or crayfish colors working best. Many pike we have cleaned in the last three weeks has crayfish in them.

Sunnies and crappies are going good along weed edges in most of the lakes around us. Cutfoot, big and little, portage and ball club to name a few. Early and late in the day till dark is best times. Bobber and small jigs tipped with worm pieces work well right on the weed edge.

Time to go fishing .

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