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We are slowly making ice on Winnie. We have been out to long bar north. We have 12 to 14 inches. Snow cover is 12 to 15 inches. We are plowing a road going north east at this time as the ice in that area is a uniform 14 to 15 inches. We have a few cracks that are seeping water. No major flooding at this time. Warmer temps this weekend should compact down the snow some more. Travel anywhere now with atvs, utvs and sleds. Truck travel will happen soon.

Walleye fishing has been good. Early and later in the day into the dark. Look to shore drops 12 to 17 feet. Main lake bar structures from 10 to 18 feet.Plain hook minnow working well.You attract them in with a spoon and minnow head, then watch the dead stick minnow go.

Perch fishing has been a bit more spotty. Sunny days are very good , cloudy days not so good.Shallow fish in the 5 to 10 foot range are larger fish but spooky.Drill long. lines of holes and work back and forth till you have your fish. Deeper perch are more constant biters but you have to sort quite a bit. Then are of drops in the 16 to 30 foot range. Small spoons or jigs tipped with a fat head minnow is working.

Pike bite is very good. Tip up fisherman using larger sucker minnows on top of the shore drops in 8 to 15 feet set 3 to 6 feet off bottom is good. Main lake structure set you tip ups in 13 to 20 feet and up to 8 feet off bottom.

Merry Christmas. Time to go fishing. Pat

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