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Hello from Big Winnie. Walleye and Pike have closed. There is plenty of 10 to 12 inchers in the system waiting on spring to arrive. Looks to be a good year class coming through

Perch are the ticket now. The bite is on. Numbers of perch being caught from 8 inches up through 12 inches. They are keying on crawfish heavily now. Shallow bite from 7 to 12 feet of water almost exclusively they are on 3/4 to 1 inch crawfish. Minnow pieces or waxes are working to ice these fish. Early has been better. from 9 am till about 1 pm is the time. The deeper bite goes in the afternoon till 4 pm. Main lake bars and humps off the edges . Fish 16 to 25 feet. They go better on whole minnows fished tight to bottom.Sunny days are better than dark days. Time to get a perch dinner. See you on the ice Pat.

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