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Hello from Big Winnie. We are sitting with upper sixty degree water temps. Fly hatches are getting underway.

Walleye bite has been generally good. There is a lot of small fish going in the system. Fish from 10 to 12 inches. Those will be next years keepers. There is some 14 to 17s being caught. Look the the first drops coming off the shoreline. Snag hole , Sugar , Moxey and the south end of Bena on the the southern half of the lake. On the northern half look to the river channel in Tamarac bay, Pigeon river area west to Big Stoney humps. Shore drops off Mallard are doing well. You will need a variety of baits . Crawlers , leeches and minnows all come into play now. The food chain is getting filled with a lot of critters . Crayfish , minnows and bugs.

Perch are doing very good. now. Main lake perch are off drops down to 28 feet of water. Mississippi inlet , the third river inlet both are doing well in the 8 to 12 foot range. Jigs and fatheads good for these fish.

Pike are plentiful around the lake. Weed growth is taking it time as we do have a bit cooler water. So scattered fish are around the lake . Easy to catch.

Stay safe , respect other people on distancing. See you on the water.

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